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Building wealth requires a plan covering systematic saving, thoughtful portfolio management, tax planning, risk/insurance consulting, and a network of complementary professionals working together toward a common outcome. Great Point coordinates and manages all of these for our clients.


Once accumulated, wealth provides freedom from third-party sources of income. Most call this retirement, but we think of it as financial independence, regardless of what you choose to do next. We help protect and grow assets while generating income for expenditures along the way.


When personal wealth exceeds the amount needed for lifetime spending and the remainder is intended for future generations and/or philanthropic endeavors, Great Point helps clients plan an efficient transfer with intergenerational consulting, tax avoidance, and estate administration services.

The Quarterly Market Review features global capital market performance and a timeline of events for the past three months. It includes returns from various asset classes across US and international markets. The report also illustrates the impact of globally diversified portfolios and a quarterly topic.

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Will Inflation Hurt Stocks?

Investors may wonder whether stock returns will suffer if inflation keeps rising. Here’s some good news: Inflation isn’t necessarily bad news for stocks. A look at equity performance …

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Power of Compounding

Compound interest is a financial phenomenon that holds immense power, especially when it comes to investing in the stock market. It’s not just a concept; it’s a force that can work wonders.

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The Last Three Years

In the dynamic realm of the stock market, the past three years have served as a compelling case study, reinforcing the significance of adopting a long-term investment approach.

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