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Putting a Bow on 2022

To paint the picture, we start by presenting a few statistics for the S&P 500 for the past three calendar years in Figure 2.Over the entire period, the index reached 114 all-time highs, but only one came in 2022 – on the first trading day of the year.

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Worried About Stocks? 

We are living in a time of extreme uncertainty and the anxiety that comes along with it. Against the backdrop of war, humanitarian crisis, and economic hardship, it’s natural to wonder what effect these world events will have on our long-term investment performance.

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A Closer Look at 2021

While U.S. large-cap stocks finished markedly higher for 2021, it wasn’t necessarily a smooth ride. As evidenced by some of the headlines in Figure 1, investors had no shortage of reasons to worry about future potential returns and consider exiting the market.

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Preparing for the Tax Season

Reducing your tax burden can help you manage your wealth and free up money to meet your financial goals and build your legacy. But tax rules are complicated, and you may need help understanding all the methods you can use to minimize your tax burden. Your financial advisor is one resource you can tap to help you develop strategies….

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Elections & Markets

As the election nears, here’s a chart that caught us by surprise.  What you see below is a graph of three separate $10,000 investments beginning in 1896 through June 2020.  The gray line represents $10,000 fully invested regardless of which party occupies the White House.  The blue line is only invested during a Democratic WH and red only during a Republican WH…

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