Elizabeth N. Thomas

Elizabeth Thomas

Elizabeth N. Thomas brings nearly 20 years of client services experience, focused in wealth management, to the role as Director of Client Service for Great Point Wealth Advisors. She is a graduate of Endicott College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. In addition to her professional expertise, Elizabeth is also known for her personal qualities that make her a valuable asset to the firm's clients. Her empathy, kindness, and exceptional listening skills enable her to build strong relationships with clients, ensuring their success through a seamless onboarding process and timely, effective response to their requests.

Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys an active lifestyle, including spending time outdoors and engaging in mindful movement practices like yoga and Pilates. She believes in maintaining a balanced lifestyle and finds that being active helps her bring her best self to all aspects of her life. Elizabeth resides on the South Shore of Massachusetts with her husband and two children.

With her extensive knowledge and expertise in client services, Elizabeth is committed to delivering exceptional results for Great Point Wealth Advisors and their clients. Elizabeth can be reached at (617) 585-0050 or ethomas@greatpointwealth.com

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